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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Epic Fail

Ok, so last year's goal of blogging once a week was an epic failure. My last post was in July and even then I was several weeks behind. After starting Plum Crazy Cake Co. with a good friend there just wasn't time to both blog and make cakes. And then I was pregnant again, there really wasn't any time or energy to blog. Not to mention we still had crappy Internet service. So with a fledgling business and a bun in the oven I resolved myself to use making cakes a my creative catharsis. Only it's not cutting it. I've been thinking for a while how I have missed putting pen to paper, or fingers to keys. Making cakes is great and fun but there isn't as much creativity involved as I thought there would be. Most of the time people come to me with specific ideas in mind and generally it doesn't leave much to my imagination. I'm still waiting for the client that comes to me with an unlimited budget and a theme and says, "Go for it!" Someday... someday.

So, for the past few weeks I've been getting the itch to write again. Especially when 2 close friends went to a blogging conference and came home inspired. One if them remind me I've got a lot to say (very true!) and should get back to it. Then this week I needed the fruit salad recipe I posted last summer. When I began reading through that post and others my heart almost ached. I missed my writing so much! It was like visiting with a long lost friend. And as I sat crying yesterday during homework time (which deserves a whole post unto itself) I just wanted to emotionally spew onto paper or some piece of cyber space. So here I am. No promises this time of how often, but I'm going to blog again. I need to. For my sanity and the therefore the well-being of my children and husband I will write again. Now, where to begin...